"Affordable Prices Straight from Production."


We believe everyone deserves top-notch footwear without inflated prices.

Why pay retail when you can access high-quality footwear at manufacturing rates? Dive into a vast collection of stylish, durable, and trendy shoes without breaking the bank.

Our direct connection with manufacturers ensures that you get the best deals, straight from the source.

Elevate your shoe game with KicksCove

Step into a world where affordability meets impeccable craftsmanship. At KicksCove, we're reshaping your shopping experience by offering top-tier shoes at manufacturing rates. Why compromise on quality or budget when you can have both?


How To Cancel An Order?

For cancellation message us in the CONTACT page and write the reason for the cancellation within 6 hours. An order cannot be cancelled after it has been shipped.

Why We Charge A Booking Amount For Special Orders?

Apart from AIR FORCE 1'' which is available on FULL COD rest of the products have to be a partial COD or PREPAID.

This is done to ensure the buyer does not cancel the order because the shipping cost for the special orders is very high and in turn keep the limited stock active for interested buyers.

How Much Time Does The Shipping Take?

The order takes an average of 4-6 days to get delivered, order from North-Eastern and South states take 6-8 days to get delivered. Order from Delhi and neighbouring states can be delivered within 2-4 days.

How To Place A Prepaid Order?

Prepaid order have an extra 5% discount. They can be placed when you receive the order confirmation call from our team. The customer can tell them if they would like to place a prepaid order and get the discount.